So, I just turned 22 a few minutes ago. I’m still a little unable to believe where I am now. (Feel free to skip to the end for the bit where I go all gushy and thank a load of people for being awesome). Two years ago I was just turning 20. I was in […]

So, Alcon 2013 may have been the most fun I’ve ever had at a convention ever, but it was also in many ways the most problematic convention I’ve ever been to. No convention has ever been such an unbelievable mix of highs and lows in a short stretch of time and while I’m super excited […]

Look, at this point Penny Arcade have created their fair share of controversy. I’ve gotten into fights on Twitter. I’ve argued where the line should be drawn between freedom of speech and expression of opinion versus when offensive views and forms of expression are no longer okay. I’ve seen the repeated exclamations that Trans Women […]

YES!!!! Yes it is…..  Okay, I guess you came to this article for more than that, but I can tell you now that without a doubt there is Gender Bias within Games Press. How do I know? Because I’ve worked in this industry on both sides of the Gender Binary line, one side is significantly […]