Deep Silver, you confuse me so much as a company. You publish in many cases some of the most forward thinking games there are when it comes to Gender Equality, but your marketing and PR often doesn’t match up with the tone of the games you’re trying to promote. Are you of the school that […]

Hey, it’s Guest Post time again here on my general geeky thoughts blog. Today’s fascinating and informative guest writer is the wonderful Jenn Stille, triple-major in English, Psychology, and Women’s and Gender Studies.   WGST quickly became her love and passion and she got accepted into Simmons College’s MA program for Gender and Cultural Studies. For her […]

A few days ago I wrote an article about gaming’s equivalent of a Bechdel Test. Based on an adapted test from and worked in to include interactivity as a base requirement, this is what I settled on as the best currently suggested Bechdel test for gaming. In a game containing a recognizable narrative or characters: […]

So, I made news on the internet again by Tweeting my casual thoughts about gaming feminism. Wooo, Got to love when this happens. This morning I tweeted asking something that has been discussed by other people at various points on Twitter. What would need to be tweaked or included to create a Bechdel Test equivalent […]

With 2013 now over and done with, I thought I would do something rather pointless as a motivational tool for myself. I’m posting a huge sprawling wall of HTML links to the internet of every article written by me, contributed to by me or written about me on the internet this year. I’m going to […]