With 2013 now over and done with, I thought I would do something rather pointless as a motivational tool for myself. I’m posting a huge sprawling wall of HTML links to the internet of every article written by me, contributed to by me or written about me on the internet this year.

I’m going to spend the next 24 hours or so digging through this list and seeing how far I have come over the past year, what I have achieved and how far I have come. This is probably of no interest to the rest of the world, but if you want to have a look through you may well find something interesting I wrote that you haven’t yet seen.

The Potential of Wii U JRPGs

2012’s Best Interactive Video Game Stories

The Average Gamer – Our 2013 Picks

New Pokemon X and Y Images and Info

World of Tanks – Chinese Tanks Preview

Ni No Kuni Review

N7 Armour in Dead Space 3

Area 11 – All The Lights in the Sky Exclusive Early Album Review

Thomas was NOT Alone

The Cave Review

FDP Nova Vandorwolf Interview

Strike Suit Zero Review

Andy Esser Interview

FDP Valdrien Interview

Scribblenauts Unlimited Wii U Delayed AGAIN 

Orgarhythm Review

MCM Expo Booklet (Online Version)

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken Review

Killzone: Shadowfall Revealed

Infamous: Second Son Revealed

Quantic Dream show off PS4 Tech

PS4 Reveal Event Summary

Ps4 – All you need to know

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Hands On

PS4 – MCM Buzz Impressions

Ragnarok Oddessy Review

What the PS4 Reveal learnt from Nintendo

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review

Aww Flip Review

Dead Space 3 Review

World of Warplanes Preview

I Fight Dragons Interview

MCM Expo Booklet (Online Version)

Dead Island Riptide and Sacred Citadel Previews

Project Jikoku Chapter 2 Review

Nintendo Lifts 18+ Download Restrictions in Europe

Loading Bar Preview Event

Saints Row IV Preview

Mardock Scramble: The First Compression Review

Mardock Scramble: The Second Combustion Review

Pac Man Tournaments Review

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence Review

Gears of War: Judgement Review

Let’s Talk About Birdo

Megami33 Interview

Britain’s Got Talent Nerd Acts Expose

Surgeon Sim 2013 Review

XTheDarkOne Interview

Area 11 Interview – Post release ATLITS discussion

Strike Suit Infinity Review

Star Trek: The Video Game Review

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep Announced 

Antichamber Review

Andy Esser Dev Blog – What is Indie?

Dev Roundtable – What is Indie?

Thomas Was Alone PSN Review

Mike Bithell Talks Future Occulus Rift Support

Is Piracy The Mark of a Sucessful Indie Game?

The Review Review – Thomas Was Alone

Fist of Awesome Preview

Dev Roundtable – When is an Indie Game Successful?

Dev Blog – Ryan Brolley – Our Journey

Borderlands 2 Psycho Bandit Class Preview

Alone in the Park Trailer and Release Date

Dev Blog – Ryan Brolley – Early Playtesting

Dev Roundtable – Biggest Problems in the Indie Scene

Music of the Spheres Review

Dev Roundtable – Best Indie Games Nobody Knows About

1000 Increidible Costume and Cosplay Ideas Review

Why no 360 backwards Compatability may save Indie on XB1

MCM Expo Booklet (Online Version)

XB1 Specs Revealed

Symphony of the Godess London 2013 Review

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Preview

Cloudberry Kingdom Wii U Preview

Remember Me Preview

Game and Wario Preview

The Review Review – Music of the Spheres

Bravoman – Episode 1 Review

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep Preview

Mark Meer Interview

To The Moon – Women and Aspergers

The Dead Lay Waiting Interview

Rapheal Sbarge Interview

Dev Rouindtable – Is Kickstarter The Saviour of Indie?

Full Metal Alchemist – The Conquerer of Shambala Review

Full Metal Alchemist – Part 3 DVD Review

KAOS UK Debut Concert Announced

Mitu Khandaker Interview

King of Thorn Review

Ashley Ross Game Jam Interview

Stacey Smith Game Jam Interview

Meowmories – Life as a Conventional Cat (Interview with MCM Expo Cat Cosplayers)

Strike Suit Zero Code Giveaway

Callahan Porter Game Jam Interview

Tiger and Bunny – Part 2 DVD Review

Anodyne Review (This was fun when the Dev sent their followers to attack my personal Twitter :P)

We’re Heading to EToo

Dev Roundtable – Can Piracy make an Indie Game a Success?

EToo Previews – Dot

EToo Day One Livestream

Below Reveal Trailer

XB1 Minecraft Revealed

EToo Previews – Foul Play

EToo Day Two Livestream

Summer of Arcade 2013 Titles Revealed

EToo Previews – Still Time

EToo Previews – Tengami

EToo Previews – Redshirt

EToo Previews – The Nightjar

EToo Previews – Frank’N’John

EToo Previews – Deep Loot

EToo Previews – Chompy Chomp Chomp

Pokemon X and Y Friends and First Gym Revealed

Dev Rounbdtable – Most Important Indie Game of the Decade

Alone in the Park Review

Could you Write for Indie Haven?

Indi-E-Mail: Is Hugging a Feminist Issue? (That article me and Jordan Webber about Hugatron making us uncomfortable)

Jordan’s Mirror of that last piece

The Triboloos 2 Review

Company of Heroes 2 Review

Ling Tosite Sigure – Imperfect Album Review

Itunes listing for The Triboloos 2 citing my review 😀

Dev Roundtable – What Game would you Make With a AAA Budget?

Electronic Super Joy Preview

Fist Puncher Review

Dev Roundtable – Comments From Devs to Reviewers

That Time the Gamasutra EIC highlighted me and Jordan’s Hugatron Article on his weekly roundup on the site 😀

The time I was discussed by a Destructoid Moderator RE: my views on their comment system

My response to his post that mentioned me

Team2Bit Interview

Dev Roundtable – Are Devs Obligated to tackle Issues?

Dev Roundtable – The Effect of the Minecraft Rags to Riches Narrative

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 1 – Mike Bithell

Dev Roundtable – Dev Thoughts on E3 2013

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep Review

Dev Roundtable – Dev thoughts on EToo 2013

Mike Bithell Project 2 First Details Emerge

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 2 – Mitu Khandaker

Dev Roundtable – Will Android Microconsoles be Sustainable?

Tiger and Bunny Part 3 DVD Review

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 3 – Spilt Milk Studios and Jordan Erica Webber

Gun Monkeys Review

Starwhal: Just The Tip Preview

Joust Develop Preview 

From Up on Poppy Hill Review

Persona 4: The Animation – Part 3 DVD Review

Saints Row IV Hands On Preview

Dev Roundtable – The Biggest Mistake Indies Make

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 4 – Starwhal Devs

Executive Producer Kate Nelson Interview (Saints Row IV)

Ibb and Obb Preview

Epic Eric Preview

Ethan: Meteor Hunter Preview

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 5 – Katherine Neild and Matt Conn

Dev Roundtable – State of the UK Indie Scene

Indie Haven on BBC Radio 5 Live

Dev Roundtable – Personal Politics and Gaming

Indie Haven 24 Hour Charity Indie Game Livestream

Redshirt Extended Hands On

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 6 – Nicoll Hunt

Dev Roundtable – The XB1 Indie Turn Around

Tales of Xillia Review

Mike Bithell Announces Volume

Mike Bithell Volume Announcement Interview

Extra Creditz – So You Want to be an Indie

Leetstreet Boys new Video – Imaginary Boys

Dev Roundtable – Are Game Jams the Ultimate Creative Tool?

Space Battleship Yamato Review

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 8 – Luke Burtis, Yulia Vakrhusheva and Mike Bithell

Ibb and Obb Review

Gone Home Review

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Review

Dev Roundtable – Reading Reviews of Your Games

Alcon Brentalfloss Interview

A Personal Slice of Gone Home – Just Take Me Seriously

FDP Nova Interview Alcon

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 9 – Gone Home Spoilercast – Danielle Riendeau, Steve Gaynor and Leigh Alexander.

Saints Row IV Review

Mysterious Cities of Gold Kickstarter Announced

2DS Announced

I’m Not a Journalist

Someone picked up my Not a Journalist article and highlighted it to their readers

Alcon Convention Booklet

Gender Bias in the Gaming Industry

Doug Walker Alcon Interview

That Time I got a shoutout on IGN’s Up At Noon

The same, but on Youtube

Why I Can’t Support Penny Arcade

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 10 – Cara Ellison

A Geek Girls site highlighted my article about Penny Arcade 🙂

The Highs and Lows of Alcon 2013

Dev Blog – Being Married to an Indie Dev

Vanishing XBLA and XBLIG games

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 12 – Adam Ward

Jasper Byrne Talks Lone Survivor on Sony Platforms

Token Tapper Review

Cross Stitch Casper and Alcoholic Parents

Indie Haven Host Event at Loading

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 13 – Jasper Byrne and Alex Preston

Lone Survivor: The Directors Cut Review

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 14 – Greg Miller

Dev Roundtable – Steam Consoles and Steam OS

That Kotaku Article about me that triggered the week long wave of Transphobes attacking me

Me writing a thing for The Huffington Post about the hate I was getting and my reluctance to speak up in future. (Side Note, why is Trans stuff under “Gay Voices” header? Assumption all Trans People are Gay?)

Gameranx writing a thing about the harm it can do to cover someone who was harassed on a large scale.

Indie Haven’s New Content Schedule

Indie of the Week – Alan Zucconi

Volume Hand On Preview

Trigger Warning – Devi Ever Interview – The Game of Suicide

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 15 – Adam Ward, Dan Pearce, Utopian World of Sandwich, Mitu Khandaker, Nicoll Hunt, Mike Bithell

Free Indie Space at Insomnia 50

Dev Roundtable – Is Indie a AAA Proving Ground?

Lone Survivor Comp

10 Reasons I’m Ignoring Your Indie Game

Indies of the week – Jack De Quidt and Dan Pearce

I wrote an article much earlier in the year titles Let’s Talk about Birdo. The site got nominated for a GMA (Games Media Award) and here’s where the site owner cites my work in the list of articles she feels exemplify why the site should win. 

Wooo, it won. Clearly all down to my article 😛

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 16 – Jason Della Rocca

Dev Roundtable – What Failed Indie Game do you wish had Succeeded?

Me guest hosting an episode of the fantastic Girls and Greatswords Podcast

Indie of the Week – Incus Games

The Stanley Parable Review

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 17 – Phil Tibitoski and J J Williams

Press and Indies – Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Volume Plot and Casting Revealed

Here I get cited in an in depth article about Aspergers Representation in gaming

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 18 – Shahid Kamal and Mike Bithell

Attack on Titan Comp

Dev Roundtable  – What would you make with a AAA budget.

Guest Film Critique – Beyond Two Souls

Yuri Lowenthall and Tara Platt – Con Artists Interview

My first, Ultra Depressing, Twine Game

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Producer Kunio Hashimoto Interview

Indie of the Week – Shahid Kamal

Nicoll Hunt Talks the Fist of Awesome Release Scenario

Indie Haven gets name dropped alongside quotes from some insanely big names

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 19 – Georg Backer

The Spoiler Free Review Problem

Me streaming the first hour of my Game Dev Journey

Streaming the second hour of You are the Reason development

Dual Destinies is really really Trans Progressive

People won Lone Survivor Stuff

Simply Steam – Vol 7

Indie of the Week – Sherida Halatoe

Dev Blog – Going Critic to Indie

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 20 – Incus Games

Redshirt Review

Indie of the Week – Zoe Quinn

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 21 – Mattie Brice

Dev Blog – Character Gender in You are the Reason

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 22 – Jennifer Schneidereit and Pete Morrish

Heaven Piercing Giga Drill Single Review

My hilarious appearance on the Not a Game Podcast where I cause someone to shout AREOLA and send us all into a spiral of hilarity.

I say some words about my feelings on Paid for Reviews

Clash of Clans Guide for Pocket Gamer

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 23 – Paid for Reviews

Indie of the Week – Subset Games

My early review of Brian Altano’s Misanthrope. Very proud of this one.

My Bradford Uni PR and Press Talk with Natalie Griffith

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 24 – Natalie Griffith

Indie Dev and Cover bands

Chris Charla Questioned on Release Date Pairity

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 25 – Chris Charla

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 26 – Alan Zucconi

Shooter of the Year Nominees

Puzzle Game of the Year Nominees

An Article about my Livestreams with Jose

A Panel I hosted alongside many awesome people was highlighted in this article about 2013

RPG of the Year Nominees

Indie Dev of the Year Nominees

Game of the Year Nominees

The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 27 – Game of the Year Nominees

The winners of GOTY are revealed

Bam. That’s actually more writing that I thought it would be.

Above are links to over 270 articles I published online this year or that were published about me. Broken down and including print media I wrote 102 Features, 30 News Posts, 70 Reviews, 32 Previews, 31 Hours of Podcasts and 27 Interviews. On top of that I did talks on getting paid to review Anime and Video Games at Nine Worlds and Alcon, did a panel on Feminism and LGBT Issues in Games at Nine Worlds, did a panel at Loading in London on 2013 in Video Games and even did a talk for Bradford Uni’s Game Design and Dev students about Press and PR for Indies. I got brought onto BBC Radio 5 Live at about 2am to talk about Indie games, got to podcast with some of my favourite people and even got to chat with some of my idols.


My god, this had been a Bloody Busy year. Bring on 2014.