I sit side by side with my family. We’re cramped, we’re stressed and we’re trying our best to focus. Lined up in the back of a small aircraft racing us toward our destination, we all stare aimlessly. None of us have any spare energy to expend. An officer talks into my earpiece. They mutter something […]

Earlier this week I found myself talking to Neil Gorton, Community Manager for Capcom UK, over Twitter. Having read my thoughts on the game Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, we got into some conversations back and forth about a couple of representation issues, things like my personal opinion on Poison as a character. To cut a […]

So, it’s time to give more context to why I turned that specific article down, and explain some misconceptions people have had today. The article I was being asked to write was about Character Creation Screens and how they could apply to people undergoing physical gender transition. They wanted this to specifically be a personal […]

Today, I stupidly turned down a chance to write for a large scale gaming site. I got an email out of the blue from an editor who was interested in having me write a feature for them, I was ecstatic. I then saw they wanted an article about how it feels to be a Trans […]

Feb 1st: Recorded the Justice Points Podcast Feb 1st: Emailed Brentalfloss RE: new battle theme for YATR Feb 1st: Posted my Jan links piece https://laurakbuzz.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/what-have-i-been-working-on-january-2014/ Feb 1st: Took part in a Collab by Jonathan Mann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnMQ2MNH6xo&feature=youtu.be Feb 1st: Recorded my valentines day song for Tilley, written completely solo. Feb 1st: Emailed Bossa my CV Feb […]