So, it’s time to give more context to why I turned that specific article down, and explain some misconceptions people have had today.

The article I was being asked to write was about Character Creation Screens and how they could apply to people undergoing physical gender transition. They wanted this to specifically be a personal piece about what I would/ will/ have changed about myself physically during transition and to link that to games. The state of my physical transition, particularly things seen as gender defining characteristics, is nobodies business. I’m not selling the story of whether I have a penis or a vagina at this moment to get published on a gaming site, even if it’;s one of those dream sites I was aspiring to write for.

Yes I recently accepted donations from Twitter to help me deal with mounting personal debt. I am hugely thankful to those who donated to help and I’m working a 60 hour day job to make extra money and make up for this turned down opportunity, but I hope anyone who donated cares enough to understand why I wasn’t willing to sell the story of my physical body to make that money.

My Patreon is not raising money to write about Trans Issues, it’s raising money to talk about issues of Equality in Video Games. My first article was on Sexism, Women and Deep Silver. My next is on negative portrayals of Disability in games. It’s not about Trans issues exclusively.

I do write about Trans issues personally, but I do so on my own terms. I talk about other peoples portrayals, I talk about my emotional process, but I draw the line at being asked to write about my body. I also reserve the right to not be emotionally up to writing about deeply personal topics all the time. If I’ve recently written about Trans issues, it may be a week or so until I’m up to doing so again, sometimes more, that’s for me to know.

Right, hope that addresses things.


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  1. Hope that you’re not getting too much flak for the other article. I didn’t feel like you should have done anything, and I didn’t feel like it was the wrong thing to do in light of the request for help. In fact, I feel like it was an even harder choice because of the stupid debt thing, and I respect that you can make those kinds of decisions.

    BTW, I subscribe to your blog because I like your writing and I’m super interested in reading what you write. I like your voice and style, and I like your opinions on things from any perspective. I meant to write that on the other article but didn’t get around to it.

    it seems like blog commenting is dead but man i just can’t give it up

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