Earlier this week I found myself talking to Neil Gorton, Community Manager for Capcom UK, over Twitter. Having read my thoughts on the game Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, we got into some conversations back and forth about a couple of representation issues, things like my personal opinion on Poison as a character. To cut a long story short, Neil said he was interested in hearing my thoughts on things and, as we have been aware of each other for some time but not met, that I should head over to their offices when I was next in London for coffee and a chat.

So we set a time, I went over to the Capcom UK offices and we sat down for a chat about representation of Women and Trans people in Capcom games, in the form they are when they release in Europe and Western Territories. We had a good length chat about a variety of issues, with me providing my own thoughts on the issues raised, but I was eager to stress to him that my perspective on Womens and Trans issues doesn’t represent the views of every person out there who those decisions might effect. So, I’m going to open up the questions I was asked to the internet. I want to pass your answers to these questions on to Capcom, this is your chance to have your answers heard.

1) What’s your view on Poison as a character, both when the character was originally introduced and compared to the changes made since effecting the character’s representation and how they are refered to?

2) If Capcom UK had put out an image of Poison on Twitter during Pride in the UK with text celebrating the character as Trans, would you have seen this as a positive or negative move?

3)There are currently some pretty large issues in the Street Fighter competetive comunity when it comes to the treatment of women. The Street Fighter comunity is known for being a somewhat unwelcoming group compared to the groups surrounding other franchises. Would you welcome a Womens Only Street Fighter Tournament? Is there anything you think would be needed in order to prevent it being seen as forcing women further away from that competetive scene?

4) What was your take on the Gender Dysphoria style storyline in Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies?

5) Are there any good or bad Trans representations in any games that you would like to highlight as things to emulate or steer clear from?

6) Would you like to see Capcom UK take up any new policies when it comes to the handling of Transphobic comments on social media? Would you like to see moderators use a selection of pre written warnings that explain what has been done wrong before a ban is made? How would you like to see Capcom UK handle comments made when images of Poison Cosplays are posted?

If you want to answer these questions and send your responses over to LauraK@IndieHaven.com, I’ll pass over any and all feedback received to Neil at Capcom UK and let him know what others think on these issues. There seems to be a real push at the moment to improve a number of issues at the company and this is probably the best chance we’re going to get to see our answers read and taken note of. I’d love to send over a good number of responses, so get sending them my way.