In the last 24 hours Nintendo debuted it’s first ever Australia centric Nintendo Direct presentation, with the main aim of detailing  it’s release plans for the “New 3DS” in the region. With Australia being the first English speaking region to get confirmation of the handhelds’s release, we got a lot of interesting information regarding the systems western release plans.

Below are the key bullet points from the Direct: 

The “New 3DS and New 3DS XL” branding and marketing angle remains entirely unchanged from the original Japanese reveal.

Much like Japan the non XL version of the handheld will feature swappable faceplates and SNES colour coded buttons, but the XL will not.

Xenoblade Chronicles for the New 3DS will be getting an English language release.

The Australian prices for both the XL and regular system very closely match the prices for the current models at those sizes.

The New 3DS will not ship with a charger in PAL territories but does use the same chargers as old iterations.

The system will launch in Australia on November 21st 2014.

With the announcement that the PAL system will launch in Australia in November 2014 I reached out to Nintendo UK to see if this in any way effected previous statements that the PAL system would not launch in Europe until 2015. According to Emily at Nintendo UK PR:

“This has not changed the European announcement and this console will arrive in Europe in 2015”.

There you have it, all the info currently available on the PAL New 3DS. What do you think? Will the prospect of a multiple month delay convince you to import a PAL system from Australia? Does the price parity surprise you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.