Hello and welcome to This Week in Games Coverage, my new weekly feature funded by Patreon where I collect up some of the best writing, podcasts and videos about video games into one place, making it easier to find interesting articles worth reading. This week we have discussion of Game Of The Year 420 BLAZEIT, […]

The following article contains plot spoilers for the recent Doctor Who Season Finale, A Death In Heaven. I came away from the finale of Peter Capaldi’s first season as The Doctor with a rather large set of mixed emotions. While I loved Capaldi’s performance, Clara’s stint masquerading as The Doctor, every facet of Missy’s performance […]

Today’s article is a guest article by a Cis man about Trans representation in media. I know that might send alarm bells ringing for some of you, but I promise you it’s a well written article that brought a really interesting positive Trans portrayal to my attention. The author┬áJ.L. Oakman is a Sussex based writer […]