Guitar Hero Live is a fantastic music rhythm game. Guitar Hero Live totally reinvigorated my love of music rhythm games with plastic guitars. Guitar Hero Live got me emotionally invested in the outcome of my performances in a way that felt new and addictive. I don’t like the idea of recommending that people buy Guitar […]

Broadly speaking, Tales of Zestiria feels a lot like any other “Tales Of” game that came before it. A young man discovers he is destined to save a beautiful world from certain destruction, but he’s mostly interested in finding out more about a mysterious girl who acts as the catalyst for his heroic journey. The […]

When it comes to Dragon Ball Z fighting games, I am one of those people who loves them for the over the top spectacle more than the technical fighting specifics involved. I know when a fighting game feels responsive and plays nicely, but the technical nitty gritty isn’t a huge factor in my love of […]

Minecraft: Story Mode is the newest game from episodic adventure game specialists Telltale Games and is a mixture of some of the better parts of Minecraft and the choose your own adventure gameplay of Telltale games, wrapped up in a pre teen friendly wrapping. Gone are some of the heavier and more adult themes, situations […]

Undertale is a JRPG that manages to simultaneously hit several of my favorite things about video games in a single game. As a huge fan of sprawling JRPGs who rarely has the free time left to play them for fun, Undertale managed to provide me with a full scale JRPG adventure in under ten hours, […]

So, about an hour ago I finished playing The Beginner’s Guide. A ninety minute long autobiographical exploration, the game was easily the most personally resonant, raw, cathartic video game I have ever played. I tried to say thank you to the creator on Twitter when I finished. Thank you didn’t feel appropriate. No response to […]