So, as of Saturday November 21st I will have been writing, podcasting, making videos and generally talking about video games as a full time living for twelve months. Goodness, a whole year. It’s absolutely crazy to think for almost a year now my only source of income has been payment for critiquing and covering video games.

November 21st 2014 I made the decision to try and make Patreon my primary source of income, enough to pay my bills. Within two weeks, I was earning enough to scrape by. Since then, my Patreon has grown, as well as being paired with freelance articles and salaried work as UK Editor at destructoid. Now I’m making enough that I can look at this a s a sustainable career path.

I can’t thank you all enough for that.I think we need to celebrate this fact.

So, I’m planning a bunch of content to celebrate. What do I have planned? Well, let me share a few things that are in the works.

A Let’s Play with Joe Parlock where we try to defuse a virtual bomb in “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”

A video titled “The Year in Video Game Butts”

A two hour Q&A Livestream, open to everyone. I’ll be revealing the timings and opening up for questions a few hours early.

An Undertale Spoilercast

A written feature regarding Rise of the Tomb Raider and why it might be my favourite female fronted action story, paired with a video version of the same piece.

A list of the five pieces I am most proud to have completed and published in the past twelve months

A critical look back on some of my first, unpaid, written pieces from years gone by.

So yeah, a bunch of stuff in the works for Saturday November 21st. Hope you’re all excited as I am.