So, Podquisition 54 was a fairly easy episode to put together on a technical level. Minimal news to discuss, some struggles finding good questions to fit the week, but otherwise nice and simple to put together.

From my perspective, there was a delay on me actually getting the edit of the episode started, mainly due to boring email attachment permissions. The night we recorded Gavin sent me his recording while I was still awake, but Jim’s file arrived after I fell asleep. The problem was his file wasn’t set with the correct attachment permissions, so I could not download it when I woke up.

Usually I edit as soon as I wake up in the morning, during Destructoid news editing duties. The problem was Jim was asleep before I woke up. I had to wait for Jim to wake up before I could get his file, then start the editing.

Because of this, rather than the edit being with Jim when he woke, it got to him two or three hours into his Thanksgiving. The problem with this being by the time it was sent to Jim, he was off enjoying that North American national holiday. Because of this, Jim didn’t get it up until around twelve hours later, at which point I was already asleep.

Basically, tech issues overlapping with conflicting sleep and work schedules delayed upload this week.

Oh, and we have a guest lined up for next week. We forgot to tease that on the show this week.

Next week? SuperBunnyHop 😀 !!!