Hey everyone, it’s time for another installment of that feature where I tell you a little about how episodes of Podquisition end up coming together.

As you’re likely already aware, this week we had special guest SuperBunnyHop join us on the show, which was a bunch of fun. This ultimately came about because Jim made a casual tweet a few weeks prior about how he would love to do something with SuperBunnyHop. I dropped him a tweet about guesting, we looked at schedules and bam, sorted.

In terms of episode production, four member recordings are always more difficult and time consuming. There’s an additional person fighting Skype lag trying to get their share of air time, as well as an additional person’s audio track in post to edit, tweak, line up and keep consistent. It’s generally just a larger amount of post processing work to clear up the quality of the call, but that extra time adds up.

Also slowing down editing this week, my move. I’m finally moving from my current flat to a new place this upcoming Saturday, which meant a stupid number of delays to editing in order to deal with emails and phone calls.

All together I spent around four solid hours editing the show to the episode you guys all heard.

While for guest episodes I always record the whole call with a call recorder, thankfully this week our guest was able to do a local recording, which was considerably useful for the quality of the final edit.

Overall I’m really happy with how this episode turned out. George (SuperBunnyHop) was incredibly fun to record with, listened to some episodes to prepare and really nailed the tone of what we done. I could not have asked for a guest more on point with what we do.