Hey all, it’s time for another installment of Podquisition – Behind The Scenes.

Probably the most immediately different thing about this week’s Podquisition many fans will have noticed is that it was published a day earlier than normal. A couple of factors contributed to this fact.

Both Jim and I had logistical issues that dictated when we could and could not record the show this week. Jim had to fly out to GaymerX, which necessitated an early recording and early publishing in order to get the episode up before his flights.

I have just moved into a new house with a dedicated office space, but my new place doesn’t have internet installed yet. Because of this, I’ve had to hop from one place with internet to another to get work done this week. While I’m fine to publish a review or write news from a coffee shop, Podquisition is the kind of show I can’t really record around people haha.

It’s pretty hard to explain to my parents why I’m shouting about arse piss from their spare room for example.

Because of this I had to find a recording slot that worked for me, as well as organising a space where I could edit and upload the episode. The way these issues came together ended up with us recording one day early, editing the same night and getting it uploaded to Jim the following day, one day earlier than normal.

Otherwise notable, this week’s episode stuck much closer to an hour in length than many recent episodes. This is because Jim had to rush off after recording to work on the following week’s Jimquisition video, and I had to get editing as soon as possible.

Otherwise this week’s podcast was a fairly simple episode. I made a deliberate decision in the edit to not work around Gavin’s interruptions of Jim and I, just because I thought it would be of interest to listeners to see Gavin coming out of his shell and asserting himself more, which me and Jim have seen over the past few weeks.

Anyway, hope y’all enjoyed this week’s episode.

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  1. Good stuff. And btw, I think you liking or disliking games is just fine.

  2. I knew you were editing Gavin out i just new it! busted

  3. It was a good episode, but I did find the over-talking and mouse clicking distracting. That’s probably partly up to my state of mind, as I was listening in the car after a long overtime at work.

    It did made me appreciate the weeks that you edit those distractions out all the more! Keep up the great work!

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