Putting up a two hour podcast the day before Christmas isn’t easy. Doing so with technical issues and scheduling hiccups is hard.

The plan for this week’s episode of Podquisition was to do a GOTY wrap up show, chatting about all of our personal Game of the Year picks from the year. On recording day, Gavin had some personal situations arise that meant our standard recording time would not work, and we were unlikely to be able to push the show back easily.

We discussed switching the week of our GOTY show, maybe getting a guest in, before discovering that Gavin was free to record around four hours later than normal. This meant recording not ending until Midnight for me and Gavin, but we got it done.

From there we had issues with file transferal. Gavin’s file just did not want to download from our usual large file transfer service of choice. I considered pulling his audio from a call recorder, before troubleshooting the issue with the company and sorting a solution to get Gavin’s audio. It meant editing started later in the day than planned, throwing my Christmas Eve schedule off slightly, but we got it done.

The actual editing of the show this week was pretty easy. Large chunks of a single person speaking at a time uninterrupted made it an easy show to clean up and export.

So yeah, Happy Christmas and such.