Hey all you nerds, it’s this time of week again. So, this week’s episode of the show was a pretty easy one to record from a technical perspective, my intetrnet has been flakey this last few weeks and I was concerned it might cause recording issues but it held out for the two hours we […]

Laura compares her teenage poetry to the lyrics of Shadow the Hedgehog‘s title tune, and we find out that corporate-produced angst cannot stand up to the real thing. Elsewhere, there’s more VR bollocks, we talk about Nintendo and the NX, and one third of the team might be a bit loopy on medication. You can […]

This War of Mine is a game about helping a group of civilians in a warzone to survive. The game challenges players to scavenge for scarse resources, balance your needs as a group and make incredibly difficult moral choices. In the base game, I knowingly allowed a woman to be violently attacked, because the attacker […]

Hey all This week I sat down with William Pugh and Adam Rosser to chat about Pony Island. You can hear the full discussion here.