January 13, 2016

Review – Pocket Mortys


Pocket Mortys is perhaps the most shameless Pokemon clone I have ever played. Seriously, I don’t know how the creators are going to avoid getting sued over this. It’s also kind of great, even if the core gag eventually starts to drag a little.

So, Pocket Mortys is the Rick and Morty version of Pokemon, on iOS and Android. You play rick, you collect a bunch of different Morty types in battle across multiple universes, you battle other trainers, win badges and eventually fight a league of sorts. Mortys have elemental types, boiled down to Rock, Paper, Scissors and each unique Morty type has different attacks.

You go from area to area, capture wild Mortys to build a balanced team, fight trainers to level up and beat special Ricks to win badges that allow progression.

Your options in battle are fight, item, switch and run.

Seriously, this is very much a straight clone of Pokemon in a Rick and Morty skin.

I kind of love it for that.


So, besides being a straight clone of Pokemon, how is Pocket Morty as a game? The in game text captures a lot of the appeal of the source material, even if it is a shame how little of the game is voiced.

The on screen D-Pad can’t be moved, but it’s perfectly serviceable for moving around the world.

Battles are handled using a touch screen turn based menu that works perfectly well for purpose.

As the game is free, there are microtransactions available in game. You can get extra in game cash by opting into watching adverts or paying real money at a series of in game machines. Want to avoid micro transactions? Don’t use the machines and you’ll never see them.

Much like a Pokemon game as you get deeper in you’ll find yourself grinding for levels as you get further into the game. That grinding curve is a little more steep here, presumably to encourage microtransactions, but I never felt like I needed to pop into the in game payments system to make decent progress.

So yeah, are you a Rick and Morty fan who wants to play a well made iOS and Android Pokemon clone? This is probably going to be your jam.

Yeah, it’s a pretty straight forward and simple review. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.