This week’s episode of Podquisition was an odd one to record, mainly due to the sombre nature of discussing both David Bowie’s passing and That Dragon, Cancer. Both really had to be discussed this week, and both were inevitably going to be tough topics to discuss so close together.

Part way through the episode, you’ll come across a moment where Yackety Sax is used to transition from one conversation, into a discussion of Skype sucking. All that was removed was a few seconds of us working out why everything on the call had gone quiet, with the transition from the prior topic into this somewhat behind the scenes moment of show production show highlighted using that brief musical interlude.

To talk a little about the Skype issues, we got into an odd situation where me and Jim could talk to each other, but Skype was convinced we were not either in a call. It was a weird issue, as Skype tends to have, but thankfully due to recording locally I was able to piece everyone together.

We attempted our best to use the moments of discussion during tech issues to get topics out the way that might not interest Gavin as much as other topics.

It has also now been a couple of weeks since we did a Gavin Illness opening. I am very curious how people feel about that.

Lastly, news of Alan Rickman’s passing reached us between recording, editing and publishing.

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  1. Have you tried using google hangouts for this? It’s a good bit more stable than Skype.

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