700px-Horsecock_crossedHey all you nerds, it’s this time of week again.

So, this week’s episode of the show was a pretty easy one to record from a technical perspective, my intetrnet has been flakey this last few weeks and I was concerned it might cause recording issues but it held out for the two hours we were on Skype.

Switching providers and upgrading to Fibre in the near future, so hopefully that alleviates that issue going forward. Will also make video uploads and streaming more viable.

The energy this week was odd on the show. Can’t talk for the other hosts but I had just changed dosages on some medications and I was a mix of tired and hyperactive when it came to recording, which helped recapture some of that manic energy the show had in some earlier episodes.

Gavin was concerned going into the episode about his performance in Episode 62 based on fan feedback, but I personally feel he brought his A game this week in response.

I didn’t get Jim’s audio until almost a day after recording due to an upload error, which meant I had to fit it into a slot in my schedule and try to do the edit as fast as possible.

Thanks to Jim’s fast turn around of the edit, we went live roughly the same time we normally do. While I warned of a potential delay on Twitter, it ended up going live near enough to normal upload time nobody would have noticed.

I also realised this week it has been a while since I went off to find weird dating sims to talk about. I should get back to that.