Hey all, LauraKBuzz here and today I’m going to be answering a bunch of your questions about Dark Souls III. I played three hours of the game, on a debug PS4, and will do my best to answer questions about that time from memory.


Which previous game in the series is it most like?

In terms of gameplay pacing, Dark Souls III feels most akin to Bloodborne. A faster combat pacing, a similar enemy design sensibility and a similar feel to the weight of attacks.

The overall design feels most akin to Dark Souls I’s world design and and lore, but with a considerably washed out colour pallete.

Sword and shield combat definately feels very Dark Souls I. Honestly, it’s best described as Bloodbourne, with a healthy dollop of Dark I mixed in.

Is Dark Souls III too easy?

Many people, having watched me fight the first boss on Youtube, have asked if Dark Souls III is too easy. The simple answer is no, this is still a Souls game.

So, the first boss you can reach in Dark Souls III will be very easy to beat if you’re used to past series games. Very long transformations and animations allow you to take huge amounts of health off with minimal effort. It’s a very easy first boss for returning fans.

However, for new players, it’s probably the most acessable Dark Souls boss to cut your teeth on. The boss will kick your ass if you’re not careful, but you’re given plenty of breething room to play with the mechanics safely.

And this is my main point regarding difficulty in Dark Souls III, it scales better than any other game in the series in terms of difficulty curve.

As a returning veteran, by boss three I was being considerably tested by bosses that were plenty tough enough to challenge those familiar with the series. It just happen to nicely ramp its opening hours.

Do enemy attacks track you as you roll?

Yes, but it’s considerably toned down in Dark Souls III. It’s a minimal, natural amount of attempted tracking. You shouldn’t encounter enemies pulling a 180 turn mid swing as you roll.

How is it as an entry point to Souls?

In terms of gameplay, this for my money is the most acessable the series has been. A more gradual curve to teach you the required mentality without holding your hand, ramping up to difficulty comfortably.

In terms of story, there’s going to be a heck of a lot that passes you by. Don’t expect to understand most of what’s going on.

If you’re new to the franchise, this is a good entry point to the mechanics, but not for the plot.

Is there an equivalent to Hollowing?

No, at least not in the build I played. The only penalty for death is dropping souls.

Is navigation and world traversal difficult?

Dark Souls III seems to do a good job of making the path of progression clear and memorable, while keeping hidden paths, short cuts back and additional routes more hidden than ever before. If you chose to explore, you can easily find your back to what feels like a primary progression path.

Does Dark Souls III connect to Dark Souls 1 in terms of plot and locations?

Yes, lots of VERY memorable areas will show up very early, with new twists on them. The plot makes direct ties to Dark I.

Is their a Hunters Dream analogue?

Yes, there is a central hub from which you can upgrade, teleport to new areas etc. It will be very familiar to Dark Souls fans, and is tied into the first boss in interesting ways.

How is it if you’ve played Bloodborne, but not Souls?

The gameplay is going to feel very familiar, but the plot is going to be a departure from what you know.

You’ll have to adjust to a world where shields are actually viable, and it will probably take you a while to realise or remember that aggressive response attacks will not restore health for you.

I repeat, do not rush in to attack hoping you’ll regain health for your risk. You’re going to find yourself trying to do that.

Is it as brown all over as the trailers make it look?

Unfortunately yes, the opening three hours were rather washed out and drab in terms of colour pallette.

How is the tracking on thrust weapons?

If you’re weilding a thrust weapon, the tracking of enemies is vastly improved.

How was the game running?

As said before, I was playing non final code on a Debug PS4. The framerate for the most part held solid, but one particular boss who was large with many smaller enemies sharing an arena caused my framerate to noticably dip and chug.


From what I have seen, Dark Souls 3 has pretty good butts. More incoming on this breaking story soon.

Do I need to play fast?

You can play Dark Souls III slowly while observing from a distance, but once you jump into the fray with an enemy, you’re going to have to play fast to keep up.


So, there you have it. Feel free to fire any more questions you have my way and I will do my best to answer them for you.

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  1. Hey! So, one thing that has turned me off to these kinds of games is that while the difficulty is mostly fair, they always tend to sneak in a few unfair deaths and attacks. Did you encounter any of these issues from your time playing them?

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