The first time I was ever directly called tranny, it was by a man angrily kicking at the door of a public women’s bathroom. I’d gone in to pee while out shopping, and a woman had taken it upon herself to leave the bathroom, grab her partner, drag him into the womens room and point […]

I managed to get an early version of Miitomo before its official Western release, and I was surprised to learn Nintendo learned how to make a decent online network for gamers. You can read about it here.

Leading the news this week is the announcement that your old pal Jim will be voicing a character in the newly announced Oddworld: Soulstorm! Will he voice farts? Who knows? Elsewhere, Laura has a piper y’all need to pay, Gav’s been playing The Division, we have early Jimpressions of Quantum Break, and there’s chat about […]