Since its debut back at E3 2015, Horizon: Zero Dawn has easily been one of my most anticipated upcoming video game releases. A female led adventure in a bright and colourful post apocalypse where dinosaur robots have taken over and survival is dependant on harvesting their components is right up my alley. The hands off […]

As a day one Wii U owner whose purchase was largely informed by the promise of an HD Zelda, the last few years have been wildly frustrating for me. Delays, limited information, confused messaging and an eventual delay to a cross generation release plan.

After years of waiting, I finally sat down with Zelda, Breath of the Wild today at E3 and I was overall excited about what I saw. A radical shift to inventory management, a world given a techno twist, a drastically minimised tutorial and a wide open world were all incredibly exciting, but controller button Continue reading