So, the past ten days have been very eventful in the world of LauraKBuzz.

In the past ten days I learned that my landlord is having to sell my rental property as part of some divorce proceedings meaning that we are required to vacate our home within two months. Deposit will be returned after we leave, but we need to move before UK laws on moving fees change, so we’re going to be stuck moving when we did not want to, at considerable up front expense.

I also got offered an interview, attended said interview, got offered a job and turned down a job offer in London in the past ten days too.

Let’s talk a little about why I turned down a job in London.

The job I was offered would have been a salaried editorial position with a reputable company. I’d have been mainly working on news content, and a good chunk of my 9-5 Mon-Fri would have been dedicated to working exclusively on sourcing original unique news stories, news worthy interview quotes and leaks.

While I enjoy the work I currently do in these regards, I find them incredibly stressful, draining and tiring even as just a small part of my larger career spread apart by more creatively fulfilling content creation.

Any podcast recording, video recording, editing of written, audio or video content, any reviews or original features and any silly stupid content I wanted to work on would have been relegated to outside of Mon-Fri 9-5.

While that would have been doable, it would have been an additional strain on my energy as a creator.

From experience with other Patreon creators, I suspect taking the job would have seen a sizeable drop in Patreon backer support. This is understandable, while working for the London company I’d have had less need for that financial support, but the issue is that if the job did not work out I’d have to fight to rebuild Patreon to where it is now.

Another factor, after some time spent in London, I don’t know that it’s a place I’d currently be able to feel comfortable living. It’s a city I find strangely emotionally draining on a long term basis.

The role would have been a fantastic stepping stone and a great point on my CV but it was also not something that I was going to be happy doing.

I balanced creative freedom, career advancement and financial status. Creative freedom as a creator won out.

This week has told me a lot about where I want to go in 2017 as a creator, and I’ll have more info on that in the coming days.

For now, I am going nowhere ❤