When I started taking part in Roller Derby minimum skills training around four months ago, I knew I could functionally skate in a circle in my teens and assumed that would translate to a natural aptitude for Derby basic training. What I had not counted on going into my first session was how much my […]

Three weeks ago, Michel Ancel stated on Instagram that Beyond Good & Evil 2 would not be present at E3 2017. He commented that the game wouldn’t be a good fit for E3, and that fans should expect a proper reveal some time later in the year. It was a pretty cut and dry statement, […]

I am self employed. Today, my to do list comprised of four items. Write an article, prep for and record a Steven Universe podcast episode, prep and record a Porn review podcast, and guest on the Wonder Woman episode of a movie review podcast. Two of those to do list items, the SU Podcast and […]

For those unaware of the long running D&D podcast The Adventure Zone and the current discussions surrounding its graphic novel adaptation, here’s a primer. The Adventure Zone was initially created in mid 2014 as an isolated spin off episode of the My Brother, My Brother and Me podcast. The one shot became very popular very […]