As an adult living with an autism spectrum condition, largely affecting my sensory processing abilities, there are certain aspects of visiting a cinema that always hinder my experience no matter what I do. Bright green neon emergency exit signs always exist in my peripheral vision, I cannot guarantee a seat that isn’t directly next to […]

Ever since I was a child, the Pokémon series of games have been a huge part of my life. As a kid, obsessively memorizing stats while the franchise was super popular helped me to make friends, giving me a safety topic to fall back on. When Pokémon Go came out, it helped me bond with […]

Over the past year or so, most notably in the months since HBomberGuy’s hugely successful trans fundraising charity livestream back in January 2019, I’ve noticed a steadily growing trend in the way visible people vocalise support for trans people on social media and other online spaces. I am talking of course about the out of […]

When it comes to my console of choice each new generation, I’ve always been drawn to Nintendo systems. Sure, the company is undeniably behind the curve on basic functionality concepts when it comes to their online service, and they frequently make moves that are baffling to watch, but theirs were the first game franchises I […]

If I look at the games I have put the most time into in 2019, they all have one major thing in common. Every one of them focuses on obsessively doing the same task, over and over, aiming for nebulous undefined end points. From my quest to not only catch every single shiny Pokémon in […]

If I look back at the media franchises that have in my life elicited the most long term devotion, every one of them had something very specific in common. From my first love, Pokémon, to the interest that I invested the most money into playing as a teen, Yu-Gi-Oh, all of the things I have […]

If you’ve ever heard of the company Harmonix, you likely know that anything music rhythm related is their jam. The game development studio originally worked on some of the first Guitar Hero games, before splitting off to work on the Rock Band series, and are undeniably one of the major forces behind the rise and […]

When it comes to talking about my diet, I tend to tell people I’m 90% Vegan. What I mean by that is I recognise the harm done to animals by factory farming, in an ideal world I wouldn’t contribute to that industry and its poor treatment of animals, and when I am at home I […]

Not too long ago, one of my favourite musical artists Watsky was playing a couple of shows in London, not too far from where I live. Watsky is a slam poetry rapper, whose tracks combine the energy and fury of rock music, with fast paced lyrics about never giving up on pushing for your dreams, […]