Yep, I can already see the push back for this feature coming. Please leave all responses and comments until you have finished the feature. We good? Right, let’s begin. Trigger Warnings – A warning attached to a piece of media regarding a specific piece of content that may cause distress. These are more specific than […]

  Mass Effect 3 didn’t end how I wanted it to end. Mass Effect 3’s ending left me unfulfilled. Mass Effect 3’s ending stripped all choice and defiant agency away from me. I think the ending to Mass Effect 3 was perfect at doing what it needed to do. I think Mass Effect 3 was […]

From the first time I saw that pussy, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. Your smooth exterior, the damp wetness that invited me inside. You’re 100% natural, I can tell that just by looking. I crack out one of my finer wine glasses. A drink as exquisite as this needs to be […]

Mario Maker is one of those games that I’m amazed took as long as it did to exist. Designed around the idea of giving players tools to create their own Mario levels and share them with their friends, it’s an official toolset designed for everyone from the kid drawing Mario levels in their notebook to […]

A few months back I was introduced to an indie sci-fi horrror game called Spirits of Xanadu that really caught my attention. Set on a dormant spaceship above an unknown world, the game tasks you with exploring the ship, picking up guns, blasting away robots and unraveling a well written mystery regarding the fate of […]