The UK, it exists and Destructoid now has writers there. Great British Pounds. Eastenders. Steptoe and Son. The Destructoid UK Podcast (DestrUKtoid). This week UK Editor Laura Dale is joined by Joe Parlock and Vikki Blake to talk about digital trade ins, VR approaching, UK stuff and terrible jokes. Have a listen on iTunes or direct download.

This week, I wrote about trying to get my PC ready for VR for under £25. You can read the full feature here.

The not-so secret secret project I'm working on. @LaurakBuzz — Dracula Fetus (@DraculaFetus) March 27, 2016 //

A website of military hardware enthusiasts paid me to review a game about having sex with tanks. That was fun. You can read my full review here.

Earlier this week I reviewed the Roccat Kova gaming mouse over on Destructoid. You can read the full review here.

Grab an Estus Flask and settle in for some spoiler-free Dark Souls III discussion, as two thirds of the cast give their thoughts. One of us shouldn’t even HAVE it! Boglinwatch 2016 officially begins, the alleged NX controller looks utterly terrible, and Hyrule Warriors Legends is a thing… if you get it on the New […]