Nintendo’s mid-April Switch system update allowed for full system level remapping of buttons and sticks on the console. That’s a great step forward, and makes a lot of games more playable, but there’s one area of switch games you can’t remap yet.

Cats, sharks, firefighters, and Franz Ferdinand.

Over the past five and half years of my life, I have worked full time as a writer and podcaster. I write about video games, I tell stories via D&D, I do silly skits with my fiancee, and I spend all day trying to create things I can put out into the world. While working […]

In this episode: She-Ra Season 5 Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Twiglit Princess HD Beyond Good & Evil and more.

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A mouse has eaten a cat, and a cloud with loads of teeth is laughing at a river made of eagle’s laughter. It’s proper weird! Elsewhere, we talk about Slay the Spire, Basingstoke, Beyond Good & Evil, and Galactus (the big lad).

Ever since Beyond Good & Evil released back in the distant year of 2003, it has held a soft spot in my heart as one of my all time favorite games. A largely linear adventure set in an explorable hub world full of human animal hybrids, you play as Jade, a photojournalist who does paid […] I didn’t realize how much I needed to see myself old, and in love, before sitting down to play this inclusive dating sim.

I was part of a multiple hour long Zoom call last week with the CEO of Patreon, as well as a bunch of other Patreon creators. You can catch a clip here from a discussion we had about persisting as a creator when your audience growth has plateau’d.

As far as years go, 2020 has been a bit of a loading screen year for regular everyday life on earth. Main quests and side quests we were on our way to complete have had to be put on hold, while we sit around staring wondering how long it’s going to take before we can […]