This podcast is definitely not off the rails. Also, Disco Elysium, TemTem, and Terminator: Resistance.

In this episode: Pokémon Direct Legend Maker Magic: the Gathering Arena Indie Games and more.

A father tries to put together the shattered pieces of a personal failure. A newly minted soul broker embraces her pride to gain the power of an ancient artifact. An imposter is the only thing standing between the faction of gods and total victory. Blake Ferris celebrates with friends. Cordelia Heller incites some mob rule. […]

Baby Butterbiscuits wants his ba ba! Also, we talk about Life is Strange 2, Disco Elysium, Assassin’s Creed, and the next generation of consoles.

The assassination of a faction leader rocks the planes. Fighters take to the streets, as Cato’s killers choose their sides. Blake Ferris earns his retirement. Cordelia Heller makes tube plans. King Badass meets with the real powers behind the war. Nifyx plans to murder the universe.

We definitely don’t spend a large portion of the time talking about Cats and whether it is great or perfect. Nope, not this podcast. Hey everyone. It’s our first Patreon Q&A Podcast. Time to answer YOUR questions! Everyone can listen for free, but asking questions is limited to $1 or more per month Patreon supporters. This is the only perk hidden behind paywall. Patreon Backers will gain access to posts where they can leave their questions for the […]