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Podquisition 369: Proper Sausage

Have a meaty one. Games we played this week include:The Procession to Cavalry (18:00)Buck Up and Drive (26:35)Super Bomberman R (32:28)Galaga Plus (38:35)The Anacrusis (39:10)Anvil (40:25)Forza Horizon 5 (41:20)Halo Infinite (45:30)Deep Rock Galactic (49:05)Blaster Master Zero 2 (51:45)The Gunk (58:35)Shadowman Remastered (1:00:55)Into the Pit (1:01:50)Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance […]

Podquisition 368: Uncomfortable Number Two

There are many barriers, even dangers, but we have no choice. Games we played this week include:Grim Valor (13:30)Terraria (18:30)Pokémon Brilliant Diamond (22:50)Uncanny Valley (27:45)Red Faction Guerilla (35:15)Shin Megami Tensei V (39:20)Breakneck City (42:30) —News things talked about in this episode:LEGO puts Overwatch 2 release on hold (43:30)…ivision-blizzard/ […]

Podquisition 367: Wetter Is Better

Time to get soaked. Games we played this week include:Super Mario 3D Land (7:10)The Pedestrian (15:30)The Short Games Collection #1 (19:40)Connection Rehaunted (25:45)Olija (29:50)Mini Trains (33:00)Tracks Toybox Edition (33:25)Flight Simulator (33:40)Aliens: Fireteam Elite (36:15)Mario Party Superstars (38:30) —News things talked about in this episode:Women of Treyarch issue statement […]

Podquisition 366: See You Next Year

Thank God it’s over. Games we played this week include:Aliens: Fireteam Elite (7:20)Earwax (13:45)Backbone (17:50)The Short Games Collection #1 (21:55)Bloodroots (31:40)Hot Wheels Unleashed (34:30)Dandy Ace (37:10)Lemnis Gate (39:40)Curse of the Dead Gods (44:00) —Buy official Jimquisition merchandise from the Jimporium at Find Laura at LauraKBuzz on Twitter, […]