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Podquisition 431: My Grain Is Bad

Sneaks up on ya. Games we played this week include:Tax Heaven 3000 (3:05)Boneraiser Minions (13:45)Have a Nice Death (22:50)Before Your Eyes (32:20)Core Fault (34:10)Shining Gadget (35:35)Factory Farming (36:20)Resident Evil 4 Remake (40:55)Pizza Tower (50:45) —News things talked about in this episode:Confusion arises over discarded plans for PS5 version […]

Podquisition 430: A Champion In Our Midst

Have you heard the news? Games we played this week include:Boneraiser Minions (9:35)Vampire Survivors (23:15)Pokémon Scarlet/Violet (24:45)Aliens Infestation (34:45)Anemoiapolis (38:10)Void Scrappers (44:05)Bloom (51:05)You Cannot Go Back (55:50) News things talked about in this episode:Ubisoft implementing machine learning to write NPC dialogue (58:55)…-machine-1850250316 Sony claims the loss of Call […]

Podquisition 429: Distance Between Us

Make sure people know what they mean to you before it’s too late. Games we played this week include:France Horn (8:50)Bloom (11:20)Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo (16:40)Dome Keeper (32:50)Core Fault (37:55)Fatal Frame Mask of the Eternal Eclipse (44:35)Generations (53:20)Down the Oubliette (56:00)BROK the InvestiGator (41:15) —News things talked […]