“50% of the world’s population has the ability to fly, The only way to find out is to jump from a height that will surely kill you”. I stood there with the wind in my hair for what felt like hours, my toes curled over the edge. I had deliberately taken my shoes off on […]

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Today I went to my local Tesco Express in search of some tinned spaghetti hoops for lunch. My to my shock I was unable to find a single tin. I stormed up to the manager demanding an explanation and was told that they were unfortunately sold out, but thankfully they did still have Heinz Peppa […]

Brian Altano is a man I first came to know through his work in the video games industry. Lead Writer for IGN’s Up at Noon and co-host of the hugely popular and rather adult Comedy Button podcast, Brian is a man whose name is pretty well known by people within the nerdy gamer world. However, […]