Month: April 2022

Writing a Book When You Have ADHD

Getting formally diagnosed with ADHD last year, as I was just about to turn thirty years old, was a bittersweet experience. Obviously, gaining a fundamental understanding of own my lived experience was validating, and finding out at least one of the conditions I live with could be treated […]

Podquisition 382: That’s Not Yogurt!

Careful what you reach for. Games we played this week include:Two Point Hospital (8:50)Nobody Saves the World (13:15)Cho Aniki (25:50)Pix’n Love Rush (31:00)Pokémon Go (32:40) —News things talked about in this episode:Sonic Origins needed a table to explain its launch DLC (39.55)…ked-off-dlc-content Nintendo of America alleged to have […]