I got paid to review a $60 mouse pad. It sure is a mouse pad. You can read it here.

I turned up at the end of this week’s Jimquisition again. Just a brief, weird as fuck cameo.

Hey all. I reviewed the 3DS re release of Pokemon Yellow over on Destructoid. You can read it here.

This week I provided Street Fighter V footage for The Jimquisition, as well as getting a nice shout at the end of the show.

The UK, it exists and Destructoid now has writers there. Great British Pounds. Eastenders. Steptoe and Son. The Destructoid UK Podcast (DestrUKtoid). This week UK Editor Laura Dale is joined by Joe Parlock and Vikki Blake to talk about Kojima meeting friends, fruits which are berries, ways to waste your money and broken servers. Have […]