Month: March 2021

Queer & Pleasant Strangers – Difficult Rat Acting

Gather round strangers, queer and pleasant. Come hear another episode of our ridiculous podcast. Starring Laura Kate Dale & Jane Aerith Magnet. A couple of queer, trans ladies who enjoy being very very silly. In this episode:Raya & the Last DragonThe Quacks of QuedlinburgFall Guys Season 4NieR: Automata […]

Podquisition 326: Much Mince

How do you solve the problem? Games we played this week include:Fall Guys Season 4 (7:30)UnderMine (13:40)Taishogun Rise Of Emperor (20:30)Loop Hero (30:30)Apocalypse (37:00)Skeleton Warriors (41:40)Genshin Impact (47:00) News things talked about in this episode:Bobby Kotick getting $200m bonus while laying off hundreds again (50:10)…fs-across-europe Spider-Man content for […]

Podquisition 325: This Episode Is Not an NFT

But we’ll tell you where you can stick your token. Games we played this week include:Werewolf: The Apocalypse Earthblood (13:25)UnderMine (21:00)War Tortoise – Idle Shooter (28:45)Prey (33:50)Persona 5 (37:30) News things talked about in this episode:Yes, Pokémon Go eggs are loot boxes, even if you think they’re fun […]