I’ve never been good at understanding the expected outcomes of social situations. As someone who grew up with Asperger’s syndrome, not diagnosed formally until adulthood, I often felt socially out of my depth in the world. The ways peoples’ facial expressions could convey a dishonesty of statement, the ways observable outcomes to events were meant […]

Over the past four weeks, a huge amount of my life has been taken up by a medical procedure known as dilation. The procedure requires me to insert a perspex rod between my legs and then just kind of lie on my bed holding it in place for a while. It’s uncomfortable, it’s time-consuming, and […]

At the end of June 2016 I underwent fairly major surgery in a London hospital, and in preparation I downloaded a large number of games to my 3DS and iPad for the week long stay. I ended up not playing any of the games I brought with me. What I underestimated before going in for […]

I’m going to acknowledge right off the bat, Magikarp Jump is, on paper, not an interesting game mechanically. It’s a clicker game through and through, you tap on fruit, activate training activities on cool downs that are purely luck-based, and battle success is 100% based on whether or not you’ve played enough of the game […]

This is awkward to write when ‘video game critic’ is your full-time job. Sometimes, I just can’t enjoy video games. Video games are a wide, varied, limitless medium for interactive entertainment, being a part of wondrous worlds or benign puzzles, fantastical stories or competitive teamwork. Video games are an amazing way to leave the world […]

As I have recently learned as someone with a shortened urethra, urinary tract infections are painful as all hell to experience. Painful urination, constant feelings of desperately needing to pee, the whole experience can only be described as horrid. It’s not fun, but you just have to get through it and get on with life. […]

With the rise in popularity of video games, a number of bars and cafes have popped up around the world themed around the fantastic adventures of our favourite interactive protagonists. While many gaming bars feature drinks based on video game franchises, it’s unlikely any of the below drinks are currently on drink menus. The Megalovania Themed […]

Enjoying Pokemon Go but tired of all that nature? Tired of family outings where you’re not completely engrossed in video games? Looking for a way to shut off even more of your senses from reality? Well then, this is the article for you. For the purposes of this article we wanted to play as many […]