I’m actually super glad protesters got pissed at me for letting my animals get ill.

No Ekans? What on EARTH are they thinking with Pokémon Sword & Shield? Also, Disco Elysium, Blizzard being rubbish, and other things!

One difficult boss fight remains. Can Luigi finally live in a building not full of ghosts?

Changing natures with items, exp candy, easy egg move sharing, a new system for EVs, Pokémon Sword & Shield sound perfect for those wanting to play competitively without the hassle. Landlords are leeches on society, and given half a chance my Animal Crossing village would offer free social housing so that everyone had more time to chip into community development.

As we approach the final floors of the towers, our greatest enemy is a balancing ledge for an optional objective.

We draw ever closer to the top floor, getting only a little sleepy along the way. Oh, and I vacuum up a whole desert.