If I look back at the media franchises that have in my life elicited the most long term devotion, every one of them had something very specific in common. From my first love, Pokémon, to the interest that I invested the most money into playing as a teen, Yu-Gi-Oh, all of the things I have […]

Norman Weedus does a wee-wee. Elsewhere, we discuss videogames and mosquitos with guest star CaseyExplosion!

In which I jump into the basics of a new YuGiOh video game.

When the original Dragon Quest Builders released on Switch in the UK early last year, the concept was intriguing, but not polished enough to consistently hold my attention. Set in the world of Dragon Quest, players were able to collect resources by mining in a voxel based environment, craft using premade recipes, follow blueprints, create […]

https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/rockos-modern-life-trans-acceptance-and-adapting-to-change  After watching the new revival of Rocko’s Modern Life, I cant stop thinking about how well the handles modernising a classic character.

Over this past weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited by Konami to visit the 2019 Yu-Gi-Oh World Championships in Berlin. As a lapsed player of around a decade, I have been excited to get my hands on the upcoming Switch game (hooray no microtransactions), and as such took them up on their offer […]

By far the most popular type of deck in the 2019 World Championships of the TCG, for both the children’s bracket as well as the adults bracket, was a deck archetype called Salamangreat. There was relatively little variation in the ways the decks were built, and most of the tournament was mirror matches between this […]