So, 2014 is without a doubt the year that changed my life. Seriously, a year ago I was a relative nobody in video games. Sure, I was someone with a small devoted fanbase, but I was also someone who had never done paid work for any known name outlet at all. I’d done some paid […]

Ed – A big thanks to both @Gshowitt and @Newsmary for a fantastic talk at Videobrains on December 11th that got me thinking about Video Game Literacy. As someone with a non gaming partner who loves Let’s Plays, their talk did a great deal for helping me verbalise myself properly on this topic and where […]

Today I went to my local Tesco Express in search of some tinned spaghetti hoops for lunch. My to my shock I was unable to find a single tin. I stormed up to the manager demanding an explanation and was told that they were unfortunately sold out, but thankfully they did still have Heinz Peppa […]

The idea of holding on for dear life to a sense of childlike wonder and hope in a world that tries to tear you down is a pretty beautiful thing. Over The Garden Wall is a ten episode long mini-series recently released by Cartoon Network. Each episode is around ten minutes long giving the entire […]

Bayonetta, a magical woman who wears hyper sexualised outfits and becomes near naked when using her most powerful attacks. She’s a completely unrealistically proportioned woman, with curves, breasts and a backside that no human could ever achieve. She’s crafted to a very feminized idea of perfection. Oh, and she’s constantly suggestively sucking on a small […]

Catharsis – The purification or purgation of negative emotions through art, resulting in renewal and restoration. I’ve spent the last few weeks playing Pokemon Art Academy, a 3DS game marketed at teaching children art skills through lessons centered around their favourite Pokemon. It’s a game I would never have gone out and purchased for myself […]

My first 72 hours with LinKBuzz, my Fierce Deity Link Amiibo figure, have been eventful. Three days ago it was useless. Now it’s routinely kicking my ass. But let’s pull back a little for the uninitiated… What the heck is an Amiibo? Amiibo figures are basically Nintendo’s answer to Disney Infinity and Skylanders figures. You […]