Laura gets stressed. Joe Parlock gets stressed. Everyone has a blast.

The UK, it exists and Destructoid now has writers there. Great British Pounds. Eastenders. Steptoe and Son. The Destructoid UK Podcast (DestrUKtoid). This week UK Editor Laura Dale is joined by Joe Parlock to talk about terrible kids jokes, good Ubisoft PC ports and the small penis defense. Have a listen on iTunes or direct download.

I did a review of Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires for Destructoid this week, which you can read here. Simply put, I’m a big fan of this game.

So, Podquisition 54 was a fairly easy episode to put together on a technical level. Minimal news to discuss, some struggles finding good questions to fit the week, but otherwise nice and simple to put together. From my perspective, there was a delay on me actually getting the edit of the episode started, mainly due […]

Happy Thanksgiving if you’re into turkey n’ stuff! We keep the holiday stuff light, instead focusing on all the murders that happen in soap operas, as well as the secret island of Kate Bush. We’re really sorry about the Kate Bush thing. Elsewhere, we talk about more Fallout 4, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, and give […]

Download this episode (right click and save) This week Laura, Kate and Gemma chat about Jessica Jones, Master of None, movies, art museums and other geeky topics. Find us on iTunes by searching The Geek Night In, rate us (we’re totally a 5 star show) and send us your feedback, questions and topic suggestions to […]