Ever since the Pokémon series first debuted in the UK over two decades ago now, I have always had a real fascination with the series. From memorizing stats in the generation one games as a way to make friends, to using Pokémon Go to recover from surgery, and currently trying to hunt down rare shiny […]

Hidden Tic Tac truths are revealed, Devil May Cry 3 is good, Dreams is full of nonsense, and Laura played a ghost dating game.

Back in November 2019, when Death Stranding first released, I honestly didn’t understand quite what the appeal of the game was meant to be. The first major release from creator Hideo Kojima since his departure from Konami, the man previously associated most with the Metal Gear Solid series had released a game that was undeniably […]

https://www.syfy.com/node/208882 Twin Peaks: The Return forced me to view a character I knew through a much more vulnerable and dependent lens, drawing parallels to real life experiences in my life.

Gather round strangers, queer and pleasant. Come hear another episode of our ridiculous podcast. Starring Laura Kate Dale & Jane Aerith Magnet. A couple of queer, trans ladies who enjoy being very very silly. In this episode: Knights & Bikes Dear Evan Hansen Birds Of Prey Sonic The Hedgehog and more.

The capture of Abraham leaves the door open for a peaceful solution to the Second Faction War. Pope’s scavenger hunt leads to a new target. Blake Ferris gets high. Cordelia Heller retroactively harvests a body. King Badass becomes obsessed with holes. Lynette nurses a wing. Nifyx drinks her cares away.

In a chill evening stream, we read short fiction, serve coffee, and make new friends while learning about werewolves.

Swing by the studio and demand we take our clothes off! Podquisition gets a new groove as we try out a studio space and discuss Spec Ops: The Line, Sonic the Hedgehog, and house clothes.

When I picked up a copy of Speed Dating for Ghosts earlier this week, I’m not going to lie, I kind of underestimated what the game was going to be. Based on the title, I expected a pretty light hearted dating sim about smooching spectral hotties and boning down with some otherworldly apparitions. What I […]

When Pokémon Home was initially released last week, one reason i was incredibly excited was because, as i understood it, the Switch and Smartphone app combo were about to fix an issue I’d had with Pokémon for a little while. The ability to easily trade from your storage box, directly with another player you are […]