Month: January 2022

Podquisition 370: A Classic Jinkies Scenario

Just find a damned ledge already. Games we played this week include:Pokémon Legends: Arceus (5:40)Gods Remastered (17:50)Labyrinth Legends (20:30)Pupperazzi (26:30)Dante’s Inferno (29:00)Super Star Path (35:45) —News things talked about in this episode:Raven Studios QA are forming their union Game Workers Alliance, ignored by Activision Blizzard (39:45)…dline-to-respond Kotick demonstrates […]

Podquisition 369: Proper Sausage

Have a meaty one. Games we played this week include:The Procession to Cavalry (18:00)Buck Up and Drive (26:35)Super Bomberman R (32:28)Galaga Plus (38:35)The Anacrusis (39:10)Anvil (40:25)Forza Horizon 5 (41:20)Halo Infinite (45:30)Deep Rock Galactic (49:05)Blaster Master Zero 2 (51:45)The Gunk (58:35)Shadowman Remastered (1:00:55)Into the Pit (1:01:50)Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance […]