Video Games Love using giant spiders as enemies. This is a problem for a surprisingly large percentage of the world population.

Just because someone’s feeling queasy that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about games.

In this episode: Trans Pride Brighton Paper Mario The Origami King Ghost of Tsushima Nintendo Direct and more.

The Wolfpack defends Wormwood Mall against cannibals. Khorton pictures a pyramid. Lola Beans gets trampled. Sabrina Wolfram freezes a door shut. Vindrass visits a Hot Topic.

A beautiful power fantasy bloodbath, with some infuriating moments getting lost and disoriented.

Sometimes we need to remember that we are not royalty in the Regency Crisis. Elsewhere, we discuss the latest horrors of the game industry, as well as Ghost of Tsushima, Paper Mario: Mr. Origami Man (mild spoilers at 54:00-55:00), and something else that I forgot.

Castle Wolfram pursues the Romance Dawn out of Harpe City. Khorton meets a sweaty man. Lola Beans explodes some doors. Sabrina Wolfram dresses up a child. Vindrass enhances the shark horses.

In this episode: Devolverland Expo The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery Niel Cicierega – Mouth Moods Deadly Premonition 2 and more.

I’m a trans woman who plays video games. I guess this episode was inevitable. Let’s dig into trans representation in Swery’s games, particularly Deadly Premonition 2.