I managed to wrangle the Podquisition crew, and a bunch of lovely friends, to come play Among Us together for a few hours. Enjoy the chaos.

Our revolutionaries bid farewell to Harpe City and head for Absinthia. Meanwhile, a barn is investigated. Clear can’t concentrate. Gentleman Bramwell discusses toothpaste. Khorton rebuffs another party member. Lola Beans discusses toothpaste. Vindrass upgrades her shield.

In this episode: Ikenfell Fall Guys Season 2 Among Us Super Mario World and more.

God Mode in Hades allows for steady progression through a narratively driven Roguelike, and I’d love to see more games follow its lead. Edited by Jane Magnet.

Sony finally showed off what it’s like to play a PS5. I have questions, concerns, and things I think look cool. Let’s get discussing.

The debate rages on. Games we played this week include:Hades (7:43)Fall Guys Season 2 (11:32)Ikenfell (19:55)Silent Hill 4 (32:33)Among Us (37:30)Phasmophobia (43:40)I Am Dead (46:55) News things talked about in this episode:CDPR’s crunch and its defenders (49:37)

This article was originally published February 2019. Over the past couple of weeks, discussion in the Pokémon Go community has been focused around an incoming item that might not even appear [Editor’s Note – Spoiler, the item did appear]: it’s called the Team Medallion. The item has been found by dataminers, nearly always a sign […]

This article was originally published March 2019. Over the two and a half years since Pokémon Go first came out, I have been a daily active player. The game has helped me get closure when moving away from home, helped me recover from surgery when I needed an excuse to get up and walking again, […]

This article was originally published August 2017. As an ecosystem, Twitch has a lot to answer for. Users taking advantage of the IRL tag to livestream their sexual harassment and bullying of others, banned accounts often coming back after just 24 hours regardless of the severity of the acts committed, and barely a finger lifted […]

The Wolfpack has twenty-four hours to find the resistance leaders in Harpe City or Marcel will turn them over to the God-King. Gentleman Bramwell steals a toaster. Khorton keeps his narcotic secrets. Lola Beans tests out her melee skills. Vindrass scours the crime scene.