Month: September 2022

Podquisition 405: REJOICE!

Love it when a plan comes together. Games we played this week include:Trombone Champ (16:30)High Speed II: The Getaway (26:30)Scratching Memory (29:45)My Time at Portia (32:15)BioShock 2 (33:20)Dreamlight Valley (38:00)Mail Time (46:05)CorpoNation: The Sorting Process (47:00)Railbound (49:30)BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space (50:15)Sonic Frontiers (51:30)Prodeus (57:30)Shovel Knight Dig […]

Podquisition 404: The Genital Line

Cross it. Games we played this week include:The Secret of Monkey Island / LeChuck’s Revenge (10:00)Return to Monkey Island (16:35)My Time at Sandrock (22:20)Thymesia (29:00)Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (35:40)Ring of Pain (37:30)Wayward Strand (42:35)You Suck at Parking (47:00)Aliens Fireteam Elite (53:40)The Oubtound Ghost (56:20)Soulstice (58:00) —News things talked […]

Podquisition 402: We Are The End

Just let us photosynthesize a little longer. Games we played this week include:A Plague Tale: Innocence (10:20)Vampire Survivors (19:30)Arcade Paradise (22:20)The Last of Us Remastered (28:00)Immortality (32:10)Red Steel (37:40) —News things talked about in this episode: Supposed Silent Hill remake screenshots leak (40:00)…-reportedly-leaked Microsoft is *so committed* to […]