I wrote an article for SyFy about being the kind of woman that society often doesn’t want to accept. https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/bitch-planet-unpalatable-femininity-and-being-non-compliant

When it comes to discussing the state of next generation games consoles, right now we have very little to go on other than a series of tech buzzwords. We know officially that both Sony and Microsoft have new hardware releasing late in 2020, with both machines pushing for improvements on loading speeds and game performance. […]

Not too long ago, one of my favourite musical artists Watsky was playing a couple of shows in London, not too far from where I live. Watsky is a slam poetry rapper, whose tracks combine the energy and fury of rock music, with fast paced lyrics about never giving up on pushing for your dreams, […]

I’ve never been good at understanding the expected outcomes of social situations. As someone who grew up with Asperger’s syndrome, not diagnosed formally until adulthood, I often felt socially out of my depth in the world. The ways peoples’ facial expressions could convey a dishonesty of statement, the ways observable outcomes to events were meant […]

Over the past four weeks, a huge amount of my life has been taken up by a medical procedure known as dilation. The procedure requires me to insert a perspex rod between my legs and then just kind of lie on my bed holding it in place for a while. It’s uncomfortable, it’s time-consuming, and […]