As a person who thrives on predictable routine and structure, the last six weeks for me have been pretty rough. I’m an adult living with Aspergers Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, rigidly obeying self isolation due to the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown. I’m perhaps better off than many, I’m not immune compromised, and I already had […] In my first feature for FANDOM, I wrote about how Animal Crossing provided routine and structure at a time in my life where i needed it.

Hey everyone, it’s 2020, and we’re about to have a ridiculously busy year in the video games industry. There’s two new game consoles releasing before the year is over, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, and with them we’ve got a year ahead of us likely to be filled with game announcements, arguments about […]

As part of a very well written article by Wired released earlier today, gamers all around the world now know a little bit more about Sony’s next generation gaming console. The machine, now officially called the PlayStation 5, will support ray tracing on a hardware level, will load all games off a built in SSD […] While I spent decades trying to tell my mother about an obsessive area of interest I had as a child, it was Pokémon Go that finally made our discussions two directional.

Gather round strangers, queer and pleasant. Come hear another episode of our ridiculous podcast. Starring Laura Kate Dale & Jane Aerith Magnet. A couple of queer, trans ladies who enjoy being very very silly. In this episode: Yu-Gi-Oh World Championships Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling Transglobal Underground and more.

I wrote an article for SyFy about being the kind of woman that society often doesn’t want to accept.

When it comes to discussing the state of next generation games consoles, right now we have very little to go on other than a series of tech buzzwords. We know officially that both Sony and Microsoft have new hardware releasing late in 2020, with both machines pushing for improvements on loading speeds and game performance. […]