Month: October 2020

Dice Funk S7: Part 21 – Skullwatch 2020

Our revolutionaries bid farewell to Harpe City and head for Absinthia. Meanwhile, a barn is investigated. Clear can’t concentrate. Gentleman Bramwell discusses toothpaste. Khorton rebuffs another party member. Lola Beans discusses toothpaste. Vindrass upgrades her shield.

Podquisition 303: Kirby vs. Gandhi

The debate rages on. Games we played this week include:Hades (7:43)Fall Guys Season 2 (11:32)Ikenfell (19:55)Silent Hill 4 (32:33)Among Us (37:30)Phasmophobia (43:40)I Am Dead (46:55) News things talked about in this episode:CDPR’s crunch and its defenders (49:37)