August 6th Trans Rights Protest Demands

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United kingdom and Leader of the Conservative party, On the 6th August 2021 at 1PM there shall be a protest outside 10 Downing Street, to address the government’s failure to protect and empower marginalised people, notably the transgender and non-binary community. These are our demands.

You can find more information on the protest here: August 6th Trans Rights Protest Info –


We Demand:

  • That transgender and non-binary healthcare is fully overhauled and reformed via: 
    • Properly funding transgender and non-binary healthcare to remove the traumatic and outright dangerous minimum 3-5 year waiting list for appointments.
    • Using UK-wide GP-led care, training and supporting GPs to provide bridging prescriptions and referrals to gender-specific counselling.
    • Ensuring that all healthcare professionals follow a baseline of care as outlined by The World Professional Association for Transgender Health.
  • That transgender, non-binary and gender diverse people under the age of 18 are guaranteed adequate medical care and support from specialised Gender Clinics.

It is vital that transgender, non-binary and gender diverse minors are explicitly confirmed to have the right to Gillick competency, to access gender therapy and medical treatment without the requirement of parental consent. 

  • That the government ensures that the promised ban on conversion therapy protects transgender, non-binary and those questioning their gender from abusive practices that put their livelihood at risk and deny their right to safely and freely be themselves. 
  • That the Gender Recognition Act is reformed according to the pledge delivered by Theresa May and the Conservative government in 2018, granting transgender people the right to receive a Gender Recognition Certificate without an outdated, medicalised and obfuscated process. 
  • That non-binary people be granted the same legal recognition as binary transgender people, by allowing them to self-identify under a reformed Gender Recognition Act as neither male nor female. 
  • That transgender and non-binary people are able to obtain new legal documents as and when required, that accurately reflect their gender, not what is listed on their original birth certificate, so that death and marriage certificates are not dehumanising but are instead accurate to the individual. 
  • That Boris Johnson’s government commits to ensuring that transgender, non-binary and gender diverse people can continue to be able to access the single sex spaces that most accurately reflect their gender and their needs, and that the government commits to promoting the creation of more gender neutral spaces where appropriate.  

That transgender, non-binary and gender diverse people are not at risk of discrimination, refusal of services or mindless assault for using these necessary spaces.

  • That Boris Johnson’s government makes a commitment to the UK’s Intersex population, by exploring an amendment to the Equality Act 2010 to include Intersex people as a protected group, and prove themselves to be dedicated to protecting marginalised people by making it illegal to perform elective “corrective” surgeries on Intersex minors. 
  • That Boris Johnson’s government commits to the support and empowerment of all marginalised groups, having historically failed to protect them and grant them the necessary rights to exist safely and equally. 
    • This includes providing adequate training and education for all government officials, from politicians to civil servants, the police and healthcare professionals, on the treatment of marginalised people, regarding their right to be safeguarded and treated equally. 
    • It is vital that the government commits to delivering a high quality service that does not add fuel to the fire for the media to build upon their anti-trans agenda. 
    • This also means adequately assessing and analyzing groups registered under the government’s Charity Commission, ensuring that they do not register groups that promote inflammatory and offensive language that violate the Charities Act 2011, which means revoking the charity status of the LGB Alliance. 
  • That the Minister for Women and Equalities, Elizabeth Truss, be removed from her post and that this Ministerial role be filled by someone with a genuine commitment to the people that the role impacts, with a proven track record to back it.
  • That the newly appointed Minister for Women and Equalities supports integral charities such as Stonewall, whose Diversity Champions Programme does vital work in ensuring that LGBTQ+ staff in over 850 workplaces are free from discrimination and prejudice.
  • That the LGBT Advisory Panel is reinstated, and that it still consists of individuals who are educated on transgender, non-binary and gender diverse issues and are committed to supporting us.
  • Finally, we demand that the Equalities Office publicly acknowledges and addresses it’s failures in serving the UK population, and that it is held responsible for:
    • Claiming that the UK is not systematically racist despite an increase in racially motivated hate crimes since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic
    • Leaving disabled and elderly people to die
    • Allowing autistic people to be given DNRs without consent
    • Failing to commit to a full ban on conversion therapy
    • The fact that we still do not have equality for disabled people who risk a loss of financial support if they live with or marry a partner

This is only a small fraction of the many recent dangerous failings committed by the Conservative government, and they must be held accountable.

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