Month: November 2021

Podquisition 358: Moral High Ground

The time has come. Games we played this week include:Happy Game (14:05)Unpacking (18:25)What the Golf (22:20)Lady in a Leotard with a Gun (26:00)Netflix Games on Android (33:50)Inscryption (38:10)MARS (41:10)Head Over Heels (47:50)Moon (49:10) —News things talked about in this episode:Actiblizz commits to some changes that ABK were pushing […]

DF One-Shot: Thirsty Sword Lesbians

Edgar Allan Hoe is the hostess of the game show Treats 4 Tricks where the points don’t matter and you might die! Elissa the Devoted (they/them), Zarai the Spooky Witch (fae/faer/they/them), and Soliloquy the Beast (she normally / it in beast form) compete for their lives and Miss […]