Podquisition 382: That’s Not Yogurt!

Careful what you reach for.

Games we played this week include:
Two Point Hospital (8:50)
Nobody Saves the World (13:15)
Cho Aniki (25:50)
Pix’n Love Rush (31:00)
Pokémon Go (32:40)

News things talked about in this episode:
Sonic Origins needed a table to explain its launch DLC (39.55)…ked-off-dlc-content

Nintendo of America alleged to have violated worker’s right to unionize (45:30)…-5190e595a00e.html

Activision Blizzard surveyed players to gauge interest in crypto and NFTs (50:45)

Square-Enix still determined to shove the blockchain into their games (1:00:35)…hain-games/

Hideo Kojima up to his bullshit again, this time about a rumored acquisition by Sony (1:02:45)…ggests-otherwise

Kim Kardashian threatens to sue Roblox after son finds an ad in game for her sex tape (1:06:10)…perience-1848811161

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