Podquisition 402: We Are The End

Just let us photosynthesize a little longer.

Games we played this week include:
A Plague Tale: Innocence (10:20)
Vampire Survivors (19:30)
Arcade Paradise (22:20)
The Last of Us Remastered (28:00)
Immortality (32:10)
Red Steel (37:40)

News things talked about in this episode:

Supposed Silent Hill remake screenshots leak (40:00)…-reportedly-leaked

Microsoft is *so committed* to keeping Call of Duty multiplatform (43:10)…ivision-blizzard

Of course, Call of Duty will be a day one Game Pass release, but it’ll be on Playstation same day (45:30)…one-everywhere/

UK regulators will perform an in-depth investigation into Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard (47:00)…-activision-deal

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  1. Last of Us Remastered isn’t 100% the same game as there is a new epilogue chapter at the end(and some new collectibles), but it’s definitely not worth 70 bucks so i’d say wait for it to go down to 30 or 40 bucks. I would’ve definitely rather had Left Behind style DLC for part 2 as there’s loads of possibilities for that.

  2. Red Steel isn’t that bad IMO, never really got the hate for it honestly, I actually liked it better then part 2(which for me had a lackluster story) and I think the game looks pretty decent for the time it came out.

    I don’t think Bloober Team was bad at tackling mental health issues at all personally and i’m excited for their remake of 2 and i’m intrigued at the cancelled games they were working on.

  3. I have to wonder if Glinner’s transphobia is due to self-hatred, as trans woman Ellie Lockheart mentioned on Twitter that Glinner had actually come on to her years ago, which shows what a massive and pathetic hypocrite he is, so insecure about his own attraction to trans people that he’d rather spread dangerous lies about them then ever admit to being anything other than a 100% straight cis male.

  4. I’ve never been big on orchestral music in video games either, Halo is one of the few franchises with orchestral themes that stick with me.