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Review: Headspun

Back at the start of 2019, Headspun was one of the games I included in an article I wrote for Kotaku UK about my most anticipated British games of 2019. The indie game, in which you help aid in the recovery of a dude in his mid twenties […]

Review: Astral Chain

Platinum Games are one of those developers whose consistent quality is obvious, but whose games have not always grabbed me as intently as I wish they would. The studio’s bread and butter is challenging character action games where the aim is to really master a set of complex […]

Review: Super Kirby Clash

Released as a surprise announcement during this week’s Nintendo Direct, Super Kirby Clash is what Nintendo likes to call a “Free to Start” Kirby game. Basically, this is Nintendo’s honestly much more accurate equivalent term for Free to Play Games, and it feels particularly applicable here, because this […]