Podquisition 348: Educated in the Arts

We are cultured, worldly sophisticates.

Games we played this week include:
Road 96 (9:30)
The Ascent (14:30)
Aliens: Fireteam Elite (17:20)
Twelve Minutes (23:55)
Psychonauts 2 (29:25)
Train Simulator (37:50)

News things talked about in this episode:
Roblox exploits child labor for profit (39:15)

State of California expands suit, claims Activision may have destroyed evidence of abuse (44:30)…-43c7c2d3f3ca.html

Electronic Arts is releasing patents on accessibility features (49:20)…to-do-the-same

The market for retro games might be as full of fraud as every speculative market that came before. (53:25)…ame-prices/

Twitch’s tags are being used to engage in coordinated hate raids on minority streamers. (59:20)…ybersecurity/

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  1. Road 96 sounds interesting, though I don’t agree with the whole notion of “all cops are bad”(especially considering the brave men of the capitol police are suing Trump right now for putting them all in danger because of encouraging the insurrection). I always had a bad feeling about Activision and I have a cynical feeling that EA might be involved in some dodgy stuff as well. Ascent sounds decent but that’s definitely a game where i’ll be using a walkthrough. Sorry to hear about you and Jim’s harassment on Twitch, hopefully they listen.

  2. Also I personally dug 12 Minutes and i loved how ballsy the ending was, normally i’m not someone who’s into “it was all in your mind/a dream” type endings, so I definitely have to credit the devs for somehow making that trope work, it takes guts to do an ending like that which could potentially alienate certain people and I respect the hell out of them for not holding back, same with The Medium.